(More) john r. bolger

Originally from Aurora, IL. John has been performing as a comedian, writer, and gutless road whore to 80’s rockers Stryper for over 23.5 years. He wanted to work with Warrant, Winger, WASP, and Poison, but say all agreed his hair wasn’t long enough or pants tight enough, so they all collectively in the parking lot of the All State Arena, formerly the Rosemont Horizon, said “no!”. He joined the prestigious Second City in January of 1997 by auditioning for the Conservatory Program where the wonderful people there were nice enough to indulge the little smarmy jackass by accepting him. In October of 1997 John became a founding member of critically acclaimed Chicago sketch comedy group Schadenfreude. After finishing Second City, he traveled the world with his group honing his comedic skills and taking advantage of his experiences with sketch comedy, improv, and writing. In March of 2000, they parted ways. Some say it was because of his views on the earth being round; others say it was the pant less drinking, the abuse of the word “damn”, and nighttime juggling. Still others say it was his enormous genitals that local school children would skip rope with mixed with artistic restlessness.

Now with out a group and stuff due like rent, and his monthly dues for his Save Jim Varney Films Fund, he began his career in stand-up comedy one smoky night in July at Zanies in Chicago. After they realized this man was either a well-groomed hobo, or just damn funny, they started booking him regularly. Today John performs all over the united states in comedy clubs such as Zanies, Comedy Comedy, Second City LA, HA HA Cafe, and many other venues bringing his own style of over the top social satire, mixed with improvisation, theater and sketch.

He also creates short comedy films that appear on television, and at many film festivals. He can currently be seen at ATOMFILMS in “World According to Darth” which he co-wrote and directed. He recently signed a contract with Giggle Shorts in Canada to provide them with short films for their critically acclaimed television show on the Movieola channel. Shorts that are scheduled too appear are: Distraction, Jimmy’s Fish Tank, and World According to Darth. To view any of these shorts, feel free to swing into the A/V Room to check them out.

Besides stand-up clubs, and shorts John also finds time to pitch regularly. Not the starting rotation for Little League’s Iron Works Local 234, cause he just doesn’t have enough velocity to get the ball past 10-year-old Asian girls; but for television shows. He’s pitched shows to Fox, Comedy Central, NBC, ABC, UPN, and WTTW before, just to name a few. He is currently in talks with Comedy Central for the development of two shows called FU©, and Little Foot Casino©.

He will also be appearing in the upcoming feature film Eden Court, which stars Tom Lennon(Reno 911), Kimberly Williams(Father of the Bride), and Stephnie Weir(Mad-TV).

If you want to know anything else, just pull John aside after a show, buy him a Captain Morgan and coke in a pint glass and then you’ll wish you never pulled this monkeys string cause then he won’t shut up.